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Steve Gold – “in you we could trust”! Our favourite and most loyal journalist & friend! 

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As I write this memory to Steve I’m smiling, because I knew him for 20 years this year and he always left me smiling, laughing and a feeling a whole lot better.  He was a great confidante and trusted ally to everyone at Eskenzi PR.  Whenever we needed an interview done for a client, Steve would stoically do it, even if there wasn’t really a story to be had, he would find one and turn up no matter what!  Where the hell did he find the energy!  He worked every hour G-d gave him and somehow found a few more, so although he was taken from us decades too early he had probably worked decades harder than most of us and packed in what 5 people do in a lifetime!  Steve did not stop working, he was tirelessly there for everyone, no matter what the time of day.

For ten years Steve worked behind the scenes at Eskenzi. No-one would have had a clue that behind many of our articles and rapid responses was the eloquent hand of Steve and he did that on top of his trillion other gigs (as he would call them)!

I always remember it was Steve who taught me the expression “Yvonne when a client jumps you say how high”!  And at the beginning of every interview with a client he’d introduce himself and say I’ve been a journalist for over 20 years and “shock, horror a journalist whose done their homework!”. Steve, you said it at every single interview!! Hilarious!

We would normally hear from Steve every single day with a request for something and recently during his latest gig at SC he’d request comment from our clients almost daily! boy oh boy was that man a loyal and trusted mate to each and everyone of us at Eskenzi.  Steve was so much a part of our Eskenzi family that he even came to our tiny staff Xmas party in 2013 and boy did we have some fun! I wonder what that clairvoyant told Steve!

Steve wasn’t just a work colleague, our kids knew that they could rely on him for every new film that came out, their wish was his delight, and the next day the postman would deliver a beautifully DVD of the very latest film that would make them the envy of all their friends at school.

It didn’t stop there, when Neil and I had any telecoms related enquiries from rolling out a new office phone system or buying a new mobile, or needing an international SIM card it was Steve we would call on and without doubt he’d have the answer.  Invariable before a trip to some far flung place Steve would also send over a chip or Sim that would mysteriously work wherever we were.

Whenever I was stuck for a fact or needed to brainstorm a new idea I’d phone Steve. Even if he was on deadline he’d always make time for me and since reading what others have said about him, it wasn’t just me he seemed to be able to make time for it was everyone! I also would call Steve when I wanted the inside track on a new client, deciding together whether or not I should work with them and he would always be there if something went wrong with a client cussing and swearing with me to console me if they’d be horrid!

Where oh where did Steve find the time to do so much and be so damn understanding.

I guess it was the nurse in him that never left him!

I marvelled at the time he’d found with Sylvia his wife to do up a house they’d bought and rented in Wales which they turned into the most luxurious holiday rental, and Steve also owned an art/interiors shop which l also couldn’t get my head around, because running a shop must have taken a huge amount of time too!

It seems strange that Steve has slipped so suddenly from our lives and it’s going to be very lonely and empty not to have him with us anymore, he was a dear and much loved colleague that went over and above what was ever expected of him. He was a also a true and loyal friend to me and Neil and during the ten years he worked for us and was truly instrumental behind the scenes in helping to grow our business. Boy oh boy are we all going to miss his humour and his mischievousness, his silly jokes and his just his being there for us at all times. Yes Steve, we’re all going to miss you, oh so very badly as there sure isn’t anyone else out there like another Steve Gold!