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Another CISO roundtable hosted by Verisign

By February 11, 2015No Comments

At Roux on Parliament Square, 13 of the country’s top CISOs from various industries and sectors were got together to join one of our CISO lunch roundtables, with Verisign as host. All united over a wonderful and scrumptious lunch and were extremely forthright about their current situations and what the future holds for visibility and cloud infrastructure.

The lunch was sponsored by VeriSign, who power the invisible navigation that takes people to where they want to go on the internet, while also helping to ensure the availability and integrity of internet‐facing networks all over the world. Senior vice president and CSO Danny McPherson set the scene by explaining how VeriSign recognise the current and ever-evolving threat landscape.  McPherson further highlighted the expanding attack surface that users are faced with, and he asked the attending professionals for a perspective on how they control the attack surface and how they protect services.

It was very eye-opening listening to the CISOs sharing similar or not so similar opinions – I learnt an incredible amount in those two hours! Furthermore, it was evident that they are all encountering difficulties, especially with hackers becoming more sophisticated.

They explored and discussed how they protect their sensitive corporate data whilst using multi-tenant cloud infrastructures and the public cloud.  One important theme that continued to crop up was the fact that a lot of employees are not fully aware of security practices and the relevance of them. The CISOs agreed that adequate training is essential in order to stop hackers breaking through another layer.

It was clear to see that the CISOs really appreciated being together and connecting through mutual concerns and solutions. Communally contributing their problems and experiences enabled them to come up with the solutions and answers they may not have considered beforehand. It’s really a learning experience for everyone- as well as great food!

If you would be interested in sponsoring the CISO lunch club and have your CTO or team involved in presenting at the lunch then please contact us on +44 (0) 207 1832 832,


– Ella