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Eskenzi clients appear in every national paper in September 2015 with over 3600 press cuttings!

By October 2, 2015No Comments

When a breach happens, such as Ashley Madison, or the Apple Store breach, there is one agency the BBC, Radio 4, Register or Daily Mail turns to and that’s Eskenzi PR.  Why? Because we represent over 20 IT security vendors, have the experts at our finger-tips, been banging the IT security drum for 20 years and the journalists know us and trust us to give them great commentary.

I know it sounds a bit far-fetched to imagine that a small IT security vendor could achieve 400 pieces of coverage in literally a few hours – but this month that’s exactly what Lucy Harvey, our senior account manager, together with Iva, her ever trusted account executive, achieved for a client called Lieberman Software.  On the anniversary of the iCloud Hack journalists were asking us if we had comment to see if things had improved in the last year and what companies should do to improve their security.  Phil Lieberman came up with a great comment that resonated with the press and within hours it had hit the wires and most of the national press.

Never a morning or afternoon goes by when the press don’t approach us asking for comment from our clients on a breach, vulnerability or cybersecurity story.  ESET, along with other clients, were all in the press, as you can imagine when the Ashley Madison story broke, including a TV appearance on the 10 o’clock news as indeed they were with and the Apple Store breach last week.  In fact, we achieved in 1067 press cuttings just last week – which is a very average week in the Eskenzi PR office.

The Times wrote a special report last week on cybersecurity and we got 4 clients mentioned in one article and one client alone got into the Register and SC magazine 4 times.  They were also in The Sun (which is always fun for the right reasons), The Daily Mirror and ITV news.  MWR also achieved an excellent interview on Radio 4’s MoneyBox programme talking about Vishing.

Other cool publications that regularly take news from our clients include the likes of Wired, The Telegraph and the BBC who we work with on a daily basis helping to fill their cybersecurity section!

So if you’re interested in making the headlines why not contact us and see if we can help you.