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PR Case Study: How to Make a Killer Survey

By October 29, 2015No Comments

PR Case Study: How to Make a Killer Survey


You will need:

  • One great idea
  • One excited client
  • 1000 eager participants
  • A well written press release
  • Brilliant press contacts
  • A magic touch

In what was a genius light bulb moment for one of our senior account managers, she came up with the idea of carrying out a “cyber IQ test” on the UK public. The idea was pitched to our client ESET, who are working on raising their consumer awareness, and they loved it. So we created the questions for the survey and 1000 participants in the UK were tested on their cyber savvyness.

We then analysed the results and wrote an engaging press release which was pre-pitched to a select few journalists under embargo.  Luckily for us, Press Association loved the idea and wrote an article on it which got syndicated to eleven great publications including BT, Yahoo and Talk Talk.

To our delight, lots of other national newspapers such as the Independent, the Metro and the Sun also covered the story. The Daily Mail even asked us if they could publish the survey on their website for their readers to take the cyber IQ test themselves.

Fancy testing your own cyber IQ? Follow the link below and find out how you rank compared to the rest of Britain.