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Check out our new office in Berkeley, California!

By July 29, 2016No Comments

Eskenzi is expanding and very excited to show you around our new offices which are based in Berkeley, 5 minutes across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco.  Stacey Matthews-Winn will work out of the gorgeous trendy offices with views of the San Francisco Bay and of course watch the fog go by!  Stacey joins Paula and Tila who are also on the West Coast and Jan who is based in Upstate New York.

Hello to Stacey in the new Eskenzi Office in Berkeley, California!


Stacey makes a perfect addition to the UK team as she used to be a client so knows exactly the fast pace we work to, managing to jump on rapid responses early morning and giving us almost 24 hour coverage which is ideal for making sure we never lose a breaking story opportunity.

Stacey is a PR and content marketing specialist with extensive experience creating compelling, data-driven campaigns for PR, print and web marketing—she’s a real asset for our clients. Her areas of expertise include cybersecurity, investor relations and content creation.

Having an office near Silicon Valley gives Eskenzi ample opportunities for networking with other cybersecurity companies, and the ability to meet with our clients who are mainly based in the Valley.

Eskenzi now has over 25 clients across the globe with the majority based in Silicon Valley, however it’s fun to have clients based in China, Russia, Slovakia, Israel, Ireland, France, Germany and of course the UK.

It’s great that the majority of our clients are taking advantage of our various other bases to grow from, with many using us for PR not only in the US and UK but in France and Germany.

To have a chat about how we could help you expand your presence across the UK, US, France or Germany with PR, CISO meetings, analyst briefings then do email or call 44 0207 1832 832.

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