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The power of rapid response: 5 Eskenzi clients feature on ITV

By September 28, 2017January 29th, 2019No Comments

Back in November 2016, National Lottery accounts were feared to have been hacked. In our office, when a data breach breaks, it means moving fast and getting the story straight over to our clients to see if they have any comments or insight on the story to share with the press.

In this instance, one of our clients happened to be in the UK on a press trip. So we started contacting press straight away, letting them know that they were in town and ready to answer any questions they might have on this story.

In response to this, one of our friends at ITV came back to us saying that, whilst he wasn’t covering the National Lottery hack itself, he was in fact working on a series of cybersecurity features. So, we met up with the producer and kept in touch over a series of months to discuss the angles he was working on. They decided to explore the following topics:

  • Techniques hackers are using today
  • How social media scams work
  • ATM hacking
  • IoT hacking
  • GDPR

As a result of these discussions, we pitched a range of our clients as expert spokespeople for the programme, discussing these topics. Nearly six months later, ITV News joined us all at Infosecurity 2017 to film the segments for the show. Clients featured included Lastline, DomainTools and AlienVault. The segments aired over the course of a week across the country and some are available online here.

Sometimes, rapid response can seem like a short-term solution for PR. However, it is actually a great way to keep in touch with press and make new contacts for longer term stories.