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Meeting up at RSA

By February 7, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

 Can you believe it? RSA is in 11 weeks which, in my opinion, after being at almost every cybersecurity show in the past 30 years, is by far the best of them all. Why? Because it’s huge, has lots of emerging companies alongside the enormous ones that you don’t like to miss, and it’s the perfect opportunity to chat to them, network and do business.  Plus, you can meet with investors and VCs at the Regis Hotel, you get your steps in as its massive – stretching across 2 almighty halls with booths even alongside the walkways between the halls – and just standing at the top or bottom of the escalators you get to catch up with everyone you have ever met in your professional life.  It’s the greatest networking event there is and where we do most of our business.


This year, Eskenzi PR will be there in force as I’m taking some of our UK managers as well as our US team to “walk the floor”, put their “ears to the ground”, see what’s trending and set up lots of meetings with our current clients and potential new clients.


If you are going to be there, please reach out and let us know as we’d love to meet with you. If you are not currently one of our clients and would like to see what we can do to put you at the top of the share of voice – which means that, when the press talks about your space, you’ll be the ones that own it – we can meet there and discuss a strategy to make that happen.


Why else should you be there if it’s not to pick up new business and meet with everyone you know?  Well, the parties are great fun, and you’ll end up going to possibly 5 a night, drinking copious amounts, which is fine as you’ll have walked miles and deserve it, as well as getting to see the most beautiful city in the world.


Plus, you’ll get to meet us – and now is a hugely tactical time to think about PR.  In fact, with Eskenzi being in business for almost 30 years, I can honestly say that at the helm of this company I’ve seen through 2 other downturns, and during those times we have grown because of the foresight and sense of so many CMOs who have recognised that it’s during recessions that you need to be seen and heard.  So, let’s try and get together whilst we’re over at RSA and let us do a report beforehand and show you how you’re currently fairing against the competition, what share of voice you currently have and how we can improve this for you.



We’re also arranging a CMO meet up on Monday 24th April to discuss the future of PR and marketing, where we’ll share intelligence and experiences on what’s working and what’s not amongst similarly minded people.


I’ve booked our favourite Chinese restaurant, FANGS, which is just behind RSA to have this meet up over lunch and have 10 places available so do let us know if you’d like to:

  1. Arrange to have a PR chat at RSA or even before
  2. Would like to know more about the marketing intelligence swapping lunch on 24th


Hopefully, we’ll get to meet and chat in April.