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Why getting away for a month will lead to more work!

By December 22, 2022November 28th, 2023No Comments

For the past 10 years I have made a point of taking at least a month away from my normal routine and each time it’s paid dividends. Ten years ago, I took 2 months away from London with my then teenagers daughters, Jasmine Eskenzi & Jade Eskenzi, aged 16 and 18 and husband Neil Stinchcombe – we spent a month in San Francisco where the drive and tenacity of the people invigorated and inspired me. Just by being there, meeting new people, using my time effectively, reaching out to clients and being introduced to new people lead to 3 new clients and we ended up making lifelong friends too.  Being refreshed, open and relaxed leads to creativity and positivity which in turn is infectious and attracts like-minded people.  Since then, I make a point of taking a month off every year.  Well, it’s not off work, it’s away from home.  I’m working but it doesn’t feel like it! #business #work #cybersecurity #people #like

Today is my last day in South Africa and without doubt the best decision I could have taken – it’s been a business decision; ok let’s call it a life-work balance decision allowing us to work in the most inspirational and jaw droppingly beautiful country.  Our time here has been utterly magical and immensely productive and worthwhile. We came here because Anna Collard from KnowBe4 who is a big believer in The Zensory our new app we’ve built for burn out and sustainable working – which I’ve built with my energetic amazing daughters. We believe that “mindful security” is a new way of looking at cybersecurity awareness and by taking the time to come to South Africa we’ve met with 15 of the biggest companies in South Africa to discuss how they can use the Zensory app.  They too, now see our vision, which wouldn’t have happened if we’d not personally come to meet these amazing companies.

Yes, we’ve come out of our comfort zone by being here, as it’s a crazy place, but we’ve learnt so much about the politics, the people and the country.  We’ve met new people, come on adventures and opened our eyes to new experiences.  Which in turn has led us to appreciate our wonderful life even more so back in the UK. More importantly, I’ve felt re-invigorated, energised and ready for the next chapter – full of ideas and zest for the new year and new challenges.  Yes, get out of your comfort zone, take time away from familiar surroundings – it will do you good – you’ll spend time with your family if you can persuade them to come with you and memories will be made!  And if you put your mind to it – you may find you work even better and more productively away in a new place!  Here’s to new adventures for productive working x