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August could be your best PR month yet here’s why!

By August 23, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

August is a funny old time for work – we look at the Europeans who have such fun taking off the whole month of August, the American’s soldier on and never seem to take many days off and for some of us Brits we take a few days off here or there, unless we have young kids who are still at school and manoeuvre our way through two weeks off somehow whilst they are at home for 6 weeks.

For others like me, this summer has been full on and actually most of our office are at work! The weather has been rubbish and we’ve actually had our heads down like busy bees working away and it’s been one of the best months for PR!!

I’ve often advocated doing things differently, never swimming down river in the same direction as everyone else and taking advantage of stuff that just appears obvious and seeing whether we can approach it from a different angle.

So when people say don’t send out any news, articles, do press events or announce anything in August I’d say really? Why not? It’s so quiet out there, there’s no news, people are in and out of work, but believe me journalists are still working and busily looking for news.

Only yesterday Lara Lackie one of our senior account directors got a piece in the FT for Dragos one of our clients, another client Synopsys got 56 pieces of coverage in a week and Cato got 31 pieces of for a casestudy with Carlsberg.

We’ve released the results of some of the survey’s we carried out at Infosecurity, with LookOut getting 10 nice pick-ups around what companies are doing around Cyber essentials.

The International Cyber Expo a show we’re working on at the end of September is coming up and we’ve just finished a consumer survey which has reaped some really great results and we’ll be releasing the results next week whilst it’s still quiet.

If you want my advice, don’t listen to the others – if you have something to say – say it now! Don’t wait until the 4th September when everyone will be making announcements and then the poor press will once again be inundated not knowing whether they are coming or going.

Remember this – there are 3000 cybersecurity companies out there – you need to be smarter, brighter and more interesting than the others by using every trick in the box to make sure you rise to the top of the journalists inbox – you’ve got another week to go SO get your news out – don’t delay😊!