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By November 7, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

Featuring experts from CNBC, IT-Harvest, and Eskenzi PR, 

Tuesday 5th December 2023, 2pm GMT/9am ET

For growing cybersecurity and technology companies, an IPO or other liquidity event is the milestone to work towards. But as businesses begin to think about an exit, the importance of media and analyst relations should not be underestimated, with a good communications strategy instrumental in getting the right visibility and the right time, clearly communicating differentiators and successes and crafting messages that resonate across each and every channel.

As the IPO market ramps up once more, Eskenzi PR is pleased to announce a webinar featuring experts from CNBC and IT-Harvest designed to help cybersecurity companies to prepare a communications strategy for their own upcoming IPO or Exit events.

Taking place on Tuesday 5th December at 2pm GMT/ 9am ET, the discussion, chaired by Eskenzi PR Strategic Director Lara Joseph and featuring Eskenzi PR Co-Founder, Yvonne Eskenzi, will include two individuals working at the cutting edge of the business press and analyst relations: CNBC Technology Correspondent Ryan Brown, and Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, Richard Stiennon. Both will be able to share personal and organisational opinions on a number of key areas, with a particular focus on engaging with top-tier business media and key industry analysts.

During the webinar, Ryan and Richard will discuss the factors that make for a successful communications strategy in advance of an exit, and how to best brief press and analysts.

Talking points will include:

  • The best time to start planning a communications strategy in your path to an IPO or exit event
  • How to engage media and analysts as you scale
  • The importance and impact of a great communications programme
  • What makes journalists and analysts interested in covering a company?
  • How the communications factors contribute to a successful IPO/Exit event

In addition, Yvonne will draw on Eskenzi’s 28 year-history helping drive 15 IPOs and 20 acquisitions worth more than $30 billion, including NuDataSecurity’s acquisition by Mastercard, AlienVault’s acquisition by AT&T, and KnowBe4’s 2021 Nasdaq debut. As such, we’re uniquely positioned to provide cybersecurity companies with the necessary ammunition to develop a pre-IPO/exit event communications strategy.

The discussion will then close with a Q&A, where attendees can pose their burning questions.

Register using the link below, or by emailing 

Hope to see you there!