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If you are facing a crisis, a negative story or the media is asking you for statements, Eskenzi PR is here to guide you through every step of the way. By optimising the process both online and offline, we can successfully limit the damage and make you come out stronger.


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What Can a Crisis PR Agency Help Me With?

  • Press releases

  • Media training

  • Crisis communications

  • Responses on social media

  • Reputation management

  • Online PR

  • Print media

  • Scenario planning

  • Crisis prevention and planning

  • Crisis management

  • Litigation PR

  • Culture check

  • Professional development

  • SEO and removal of negative articles

  • Brand image consulting

  • Messaging

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Meet The Team


Yvonne Eskenzi


Director and Founder of Eskenzi PR – Was there life before Eskenzi PR? it was her time at News International Exhibitions launching massive consumer shows that gave her the impetus to start her own business with her first client being Reed Exhibitions the owners of Infosecurity who took her on for her golden touch at turning any new show she worked on into a success. It didn’t take long before the cybersecurity industry came knocking on her door to turn them into household names too, and so Eskenzi became known as “The Cyber-Security PR agency”. Helping more than 300 clients over the years, Yvonne has been described in PR Week as “the matriarch of technology PR – what Yvonne doesn’t know about PR or her security clients cannot be categorised,” they said. With one journalist quoted as saying “If you could clone Yvonne and her team then you could invade China”

Yvonne had her proudest moment this year when the agency received the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for outstanding achievement in Export, which is the highest accolade a British company can receive. Yvonne and Neil were both invited to Buckingham Palace to receive their award.

When Yvonne’s not being a “PR professional” she’s usually renovating a house, designing the interiors, making pottery very badly and most importantly eating and drinking with her family and friends or travelling to far flung places. And of course she’s been known to have “no carbs before Marbs”, so she can hang out and behave very badly with her girlfriends.


Neil Stinchcombe


As a cofounder of Eskenzi PR, Neil has lead PR, Marketing and Social Media for clients in the following sectors: Information Security, Big Data, Mobile, Broadcast, Telecoms, Storage and Electronics. Neil is also on the UK Advisory Board for ISSA, the Conservative Technology Forum and the White Hat Ball.

Lara Lackie

Senior Account Director

Eskenzi has been lucky enough to have Lara for over five years (and to all those head-hunters she has no intention of moving)! As a senior director at Eskenzi Lara is relentless, and known as the rapid response queen. Never a day goes by when she doesn’t get her clients in the nationals, TV or on the radio. A legend for jumping on stories as they break and her clients adore her, working on a wide range of topics from DDOS, biometrics and even health tech PR - nothing holds her back. Outside of work, she loves nothing more than headbanging front and centre at a rock/metal gig, binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and spending quality time with her son and two very naughty rescue dogs. Just don’t get on the wrong side of her, as she has spent 3 years training as a pro-wrestler.

Lucy Harvey

Account Director

Lucy joined Eskenzi PR in January 2013 and she has almost ten years’ experience working in IT security PR. During her career, Lucy has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry including Adobe, Vodafone, ESET, Imperva, Proofpoint and BskyB. Lucy graduated in 2009 with a BA (hons) in Journalism from Edinburgh’s Napier University. Lucy loves media relations and enjoys coming up with creative campaigns and new ways to drive awareness around IT security issues. In her spare time, Lucy loves spending time with her daughter, shopping and going for long walks in the countryside.

What is Crisis PR?

Crisis PR refers to all the measures you can take to overcome a negative event or bad publicity – and how you can recover your brand’s image and emerge stronger.

It is very common for brands to experience negative PR at some point in their history and you can never be prepared for a catastrophic event that could impact your brand reputation, share price and bottomline profits.

So how you react from this is key. With a Crisis PR Agency like Eskenzi PR, you are able to form a targeted strategy to address your crisis, through successful media training, statement to the press, social media responses and new PR to rebuild and restore trust in your brand.

Since 1995, Eskenzi PR has been helping tech companies to maximise their PR exposure and manage their brand reputation.

We have successfully managed all kinds of crises in the past and have the experience to help you overcome any obstacles you are facing. With a fully-trained team, we have also developed close relationships with some of the world’s most renowned journalists and publications and are in the perfect position to manage your brand communications and reputation moving forward.

Which Countries Do You Cover?


We offer our crisis PR management services across the whole world, including the UK, US, Europe and more – we are a global PR company.

We also understand the global nature of business today and how your crisis could be felt overseas or across the pond and how you may need to manage this accordingly.

So whether you are based in California in the US or Tel Aviv in Israel, we are experienced and will implement the right plan of action to manage and overcome your crisis.

Eskenzi PR has offices in London, California, Paris and Hanover, giving you a local presence when you need it, especially with local publications and journalists. Our proposition extends to all areas across North America, Europe and the Middle East and you can feel confident that we will represent you across the globe at the highest level.

Why Use Eskenzi PR as Your Crisis PR Company?

With over 25 years of experience, we have helped companies live through and survive a number of crises – and come out in the best possible light.

As a company, we are always willing to adapt to the situation and provide a number of reasonable and effective solutions, leveraging the passion of our staff and years of experience of our internal team.

Our personal approach and commitment to our clients has seen us grow into one of the most established tech PR companies in the UK and we have been acknowledged with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade.

We understand that every brand is different, so if you are looking for media training, responses on social media, scenario planning or a need a completely new PR strategy, we are here and ready to help you immediately.


What Our Clients Say About Working With Eskenzi PR

Why Do I Need a Crisis Management Communications Agency?

A crisis management agency can help you overcome your existing crisis and respond in the best way possible to maintain brand image, investment and profits.

Whilst we can’t always control a crisis from happening, we can control how we react and how you respond can be crucial to the future of your business and its longevity.

A good crisis PR company can:

  • Maintain brand loyalty
  • Avoid a loss of customers
  • Avoid financial losses
  • Maintain investment and funding
  • Uphold strong relationships with investors
  • Rebrand the company
  • Change the perception and image of the company
  • Ensure the future survival of the company

If you have a crisis underway, the potential impacts of this can be catastrophic. Whether it is a loss of customers, income, legal battles or brand image, this can have a significant impact on the business today and the foreseeable future and its survival.

There are a number of well-known firms who have experienced a crisis, but they have responded effectively and today they continue to maintain customer loyalty and significant market share. Today might be challenging but tomorrow could be much brighter.

What Could a Crisis Management PR Agency Help Me With?

  • Data breach/cybersecurity issues
  • Negative PR
  • Product recalls
  • Imposters and scams
  • Environmental issues
  • Natural disasters
  • Employee misconduct
  • False claims and accusations




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Frequently Asked Questions

To help with your crisis PR management, we can offer bespoke pricing for every client that we work with. We aim to be as flexible as possible, whether it is a one-off or ongoing campaign. 

The scope of work will include creating a strategy to overcome your crisis, creating new press releases, media training and speaking with journalists – and the scope of your requirements and size of the crisis will be reflected in the costings.

To get a quote, simply contact our director Neil Stinchcombe for more information.

The first step is to discuss your crisis and how we can get any quick wins to diffuse the situation. Beyond this, we will create a bespoke campaign to help overcome your crisis and put your company in the best light possible.

This includes but is not limited to PR training, media training, reputation management, new press releases, brand image consulting, scenario planning, responses on social media and speaking directly with journalists and the media.

Our typical campaigns usually run from 3 months to 12 months depending on the nature of your crisis, with some clients working with us continuously for many, many years. 

With more time, we have a better opportunity to achieve placements in tier 1 press, since journalists need time to build up a story and include this into their calendars. We have a number of techniques and quick wins so that you can see an immediate impact of our work – which is ideal for overcoming a crisis.

Importantly, our role is to also help you build a strong brand for the foreseeable future and establish your brand message in the best way possible.

Yes, we regularly write press releases for our clients and have experience in responding to a crisis so that you can be presented in the best light possible. We will usually present a number of different angles and options to help you as much as we can.

We work with all kinds of startups and tech companies including cybersecurity, IT security, data, AI, machine learning, wearable tech, biotechnology and more.