The Queen has presented Eskenzi PR with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2018 – recognising the company for outstanding achievement in International Trade.  This award is the highest accolade a business can achieve in the UK and presented to just 152 businesses. By using Eskenzi PR you’ll be working with the only Tech PR agency with the Queen’s approval and Prime Minister’s recommendation.



London based Eskenzi PR & Marketing is an award-winning agency for the technology industry with a special focus on cyber security, cloud and big data.  We offer technology PR and Marketing services throughout Europe, the US and APAC. Renowned for taking clients from start-up stage through to global brands, Eskenzi helps companies transition through IPOs and acquisitions.




At Eskenzi, we use our contacts and outstanding reputation in the cyber security industry to facilitate some of the best events in the business - including Security Serious Week, the IT Security Analyst and CISO Forum, monthly CISO Lunch Clubs and more.




Alert Logic - Click here to read the full story
Alert Logic was founded in the US in 2002 and wanted to build up a profile as an important, credible voice within the cloud and cyber security space. Through Eskenzi they have since established themselves as thought leaders within the industry, with articles written by their key security experts regularly featuring key publications.

“Eskenzi are a great team with strong relationships with key media influencers in the cloud and security space. The company is full of fun and creative thinking employees who deliver high impact results including national press. Eskenzi have put Alert Logic on the UK map”

Nicki Wallace, Vice President UK & EMEA Marketing - Alert Logic

AlienVault - Click here to read the full story
Eskenzi was recruited to help build AlienVault’s brand in the UK and to promote its fantastic management team and researchers by making the company a household name in the IT security arena.

“Eskenzi’s creative input is extremely impressive; they are never short of ideas for new surveys and articles and have always been very proactive in repurposing and creating new content. We are now regularly mentioned in the UK technology press with the additional bonus of national publications such as the Daily Mail and BBC!”

Susan Torrey, VP, Corporate Communications – AlienVault

AppRiver - Click here to read the full story
AppRiver approached Eskenzi in 2014 to help them become more visible in the UK market. They already had over 45,000 corporate customers and secure over eight million mailboxes around the world – but their challenge was to build a stronger brand presence in the UK.

“Eskenzi is an idea factory that's filled with energetic PR professionals who shoot for the stars on behalf of their clients and get there with amazing frequency.”

Dana Holway, Director of Corporate Communications - AppRiver

Bromium - Click here to read the full story
Bromium approached Eskenzi with an innovative endpoint security solution that was unseen within the UK markets.

“Eskenzi have consistently helped us to grow our brand within the UK, and position Bromium as innovators within the IT security field. From our thought leadership pieces, to our research reports and news comments, we consistently see coverage in high level publications including the BBC, Computer Weekly and SC Magazine. The Eskenzi team always makes sure all our needs are met and are constantly coming up with creative and different ways to help us achieve our goals.”

Clinton Karr, Senior PR Manager - Bromium

ESET - Click here to read the full story
After being with the UK’s biggest PR agency for a number of years, ESET was keen to move to a proactive bespoke agency that knew the IT security industry inside and out, as they were eager to aggressively increase brand awareness, build their footprint and have a strong share of voice in the UK.

“Having always believed in the power of PR and its contribution to raising the brand I decided to move over to Eskenzi from one of the largest international PR groups. The biggest worry of continuity moving from a large agency was quickly dispelled with a seamless uptake of the accounts and our existing industry contacts. I have been continuously delighted by their professionalism, fresh approach and above all the results they have achieved. Eskenzi have proven beyond a doubt that they punch way above their weight and the measurable uplift in results meant we were happy to release more budget with total confidence that it is money well spent.” 

Quinton Watts, VP Marketing and Sales – ESET

HPE Security - Data Security - Click here to read the full story
Long term client HPE Security – Data Security (previously Voltage Security) first approached Eskenzi in 2013

“For us, the proof is in the numbers. The Eskenzi team both in the UK and the US consistently get us high quality coverage that puts HPE Security in the spotlight, and positions us as the leader within the encryption and tokenisation market place. They are professional in everything they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. We love working with them in both the US and the UK as the teams are always in sync and are pulling in the same direction.”

Cynthia Leonard, Marketing Program Manager - HPE Security - Data Security

Imperva - Click here to read the full story
As a client for seven years, the PR objectives for Imperva have continuously changed to meet the changing needs of both the customers and the business. Initially it was to build up their brand name in the UK

"Imperva has been working with Eskenzi for several years now. Time and again they have proven their ability to plan and deliver on our PR needs. I find the team extremely dedicated and professional and go way beyond the call of duty to get our research and thought leadership out there. I consider them a key part of our PR team.”

Winifred Shum, PR Director – Imperva


Lieberman Software - Click here to read the full story
Back in 2010, having seen the great job Eskenzi did for a competitor, Lieberman Software’s CEO had been chomping at the bit to work with Eskenzi. So when the opportunity arose, he quickly accepted to work with us within 15 minutes of receiving our offer.

“Eskenzi is a real pleasure to work with, our weekly catch-up calls are quick and straight to the point, they don’t try to wow you with pr and marketing jargon like so many agencies out there, which is truly refreshing – and they always over-deliver. Yvonne Eskenzi is the creative genius behind the agency, always adding interesting ideas to our discussions each week, which result in great content.”

Kevin Franks, Marketing Communications Manager – Lieberman Software

MIRACL - Click here to read the full story
The challenge presented by MIRACL was to change the company name from CertiVox to MIRACL by establishing the new name as a recognized company through high-volumes of media coverage and build up a brand image in the press.

“We have very ambitious goals and set objectives.  It’s been very exciting working with Eskenzi as they are so well connected and highly regarded by not only the IT security press but by the crème de la crème of the UK press – so  whatever story we comment on or deliver they always get published.  I’ve worked with agencies in the past and these guys are a breed of their own, they’re on fire - delivering time and time again!”

Peter Scanlon, CMO - MIRACL 

NuData Security - Click here to read the full story
NuData Security first approached Eskenzi as a fairly young company with an innovative solution, wishing to establish a larger presence in the UK and beyond their current North American market.

“Our decision to choose Eskenzi as our UK based PR agency has been 100% justified. We are now getting consistent, quality coverage, from both our own thought leadership pieces, as well as news comments. The team is always quick to respond to the latest breaking news, ensuring that we have an opportunity to comment on any news within the banking, e-commerce and cybersecurity fields. Through their numerous contacts we have been able to brief high level analysts and journalists alike, and seen the reputation of our brand within the UK soar – all within the first 12 months!”

Lisa Baergen, Marketing Director - NuData Security

Proofpoint - Click here to read the full story
Proofpoint came to Eskenzi with the objective of raising their profile within Europe. Eskenzi has now been working for Proofpoint for almost two years and they are one of the biggest names in the security industry. Proofpoint receives hundreds of cuttings each month in Europe in the leading technology and national publications.

“I have been absolutely amazed with the media results. Eskenzi delivered from the moment we started our relationship and continues to exceed our expectations. The Eskenzi team that manages our PR in EMEA is a group of exceptional professionals that has been pivotal in establishing our brand and credibility in the marketplace. The benefit of working with Eskenzi is the quality of thinking, specialized services and unwavering dedication we receive from each member of the team.” 

Roger Knott, Director, Global Corporate Communications - Proofpoint

Redscan - Click here to read the full story
Eskenzi partnered up with cyber security start-up, Redscan, for a three month contract to build up momentum in the media. At the end of the three months Eskenzi had achieved 89 pieces of coverage, resulting in an estimated reach of 433,949,721, and much more...

Tripwire - Click here to read the full story
Tripwire is one of Eskenzi’s flagship clients and we have helped increase their brand awareness in the UK year over year. Tripwire’s partnership with Eskenzi expanded to include US PR. Together Eskenzi and Tripwire achieve over a thousand press cuttings each month.

“I have worked with and for a number of PR agencies in the past so I know what good PR looks like and how much effort is required to consistently achieve it.  We work with an excellent team of dynamic, knowledgeable professionals at Eskenzi that consistently deliver coverage in the publications that matter most to our business.”

Shelley Boose, Vice President of Public Relations - Tripwire

Varonis - Click here to read the full story
Varonis initially came to Eskenzi PR with huge ambitions of becoming a global leader in managing unstructured data and tasked Eskenzi with the job of helping them to build brand awareness and market share.

“We originally started using Eskenzi in the UK - this soon expanded to France, Germany and the US. We’re even using their expertise for European channel and field marketing. The quality of press coverage has never been higher for Varonis and they’re now getting fabulous leads across Europe, which is the icing on the cake.”

David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development - Varonis