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How to do successful tech PR in the DACH region – tips from Eskenzi PR’s DACH lead

By February 13, 2024No Comments

Having operated in DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) for over 16 years, we’ve seen first-hand how successful PR in the region can be. When done right, tech PR in DACH can build brands and serve as a launchpad for expansion and across Continental Europe, and further afield.  

Within DACH, there is a strong emphasis on data protection, compliance and privacy. We see time and time again that if vendors can successfully display these capabilities and adhere to the strict standards, they will have a strong chance of earning the trust of businesses, individuals and investors. 

Over the years, Eskenzi PR has helped establish many cybersecurity companies as household names within DACH, including Varonis, Airbus Cybersecurity, Lookout, Synopsys, Cato Networks, Cylance, Tripwire, One Identity, and Thales eSecurity, to name but a few. The reason these companies achieved the results they did was down to their understanding the cultural specificities that the media landscape requires.  

Media within DACH demand quality research that is region-specific, spokespeople based in the area who understand local issues and trends, and case studies that showcase the vendor’s strengths and support for partners. Responding to breaking news stories (aka rapid response) is not desirable, because these are high-level comments. Instead, media prefer deep technical perspectives in a region famed for being an advanced technological hub within the cybersecurity landscape. 

Our PR experts based in DACH in have over 25 years of experience in tech PR and have witnessed the evolution of both the media landscape, as well as the changes in technology and the rapid growth of cybersecurity.  

Eskenzi PR’s German Account Lead, Dagmar Schulz, has focused on IT Security right from the beginning, and while her entry to the sector happened by chance, it has since become a life-long obsession. After a recommendation from an editor-in-chief at a leading German magazine, Dagmar and Eskenzi PR’s partnership has grown from strength to strength. In her work, Dagmar is a master at balancing the needs of a client with what the media need for a good story.  

It’s because of this and her strong media relations, Eskenzi PR’s clients are regularly published across leading DACH technical and security publications, including: <kes>, IT-Sicherheit, heise security, iX, Security Insider, Cloud Computing Insider,, Computerwoche, CIO, CSO Deutschland, business outlets like Wirtschaftswoche, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, Deutschland Radio as well as leading channel media including Channel Partner, IT Business, CRN. 

Dagmar explains what she thinks sets Eskenzi PR apart from other agencies in the business: 

“The strategic thinking, coupled with a hands-on approach, sets Eskenzi agency apart. Being a global team with access to a wide pool of expertise is invaluable in this industry. This is complemented with a vast variety of tools to quickly execute on different clients’ needs. From here we as PR professionals can immerse ourselves in the clients’ messaging, sync with the local tech, sales, and field teams to then effectively translate content and target the regional media.  

“For me, this has been one of my biggest highlights of working with Eskenzi PR in DACH. Having the opportunity to translate global messaging into regionally understood PR which gives and increases the customer’s unique voice. Also, being able to nurture existing and creating new working relationships with various types of media has been a joy to do over these past years.  

“In my opinion, there are very few agencies that have cybersecurity in their DNA like Eskenzi PR; and they do everything they possible can to get standout coverage. Eskenzi’s UK and US teams work seamlessly with us in DACH, and that is reflected in the great successes we have in this region.”