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Meet Eskenzi PR International Series – How to succeed with French PR

By February 27, 2024March 26th, 2024No Comments

France, along with the UK and Germany, is viewed as one of the top three European markets for cybersecurity companies looking to establish a foothold in EMEA.

However, there are significant nuances to French PR strategies that differ from other European markets. So, how can companies best engage French media?

To answer this question and more, we caught up with one of our French PR partners, Bruno Sanvoisin. Starting his career in 1998, Bruno has specialised in IT and Tech PR for almost 30 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about the French media landscape.

He explains, “With a smaller pool of B2B media outlets compared to the UK or Germany, competition is fierce within France.” But together, we have mastered the formula for achieving a successful PR programme in this market, and know how to help brands make a lasting and positive impact, having done so for GlobalSign, Airbus Cybersecurity, Keeper, Cybereason, and Varonis.

Bruno outlines three core components for French PR success:

  • Bring engaging and interesting news that will resonate with the local audience – “French media are very much concerned with content that is relevant and impactful to the local audience. Announcements must be fresh and specific to the French market. The media will not accept regurgitated or dated information and is seen as a major red flag.”
  • International companies must have testimonials from their French customer base – “This content will add credibility to your offering as well as help to build trust with the industry and vertical media that your brand is being leveraged by French companies. Yes, it may be difficult to acquire, but French journalists always require French-speaking customers from international brands – this will increase the chances of getting media coverage and increasing brand visibility in France.”
  • Thought leadership is powerful – “Having French-speaking industry experts is important, and they need to show an understanding of industry trends, challenges and opportunities both on an international level but also within France. Sharing this knowledge will enhance their reputation along with the vendor across the media and target audience.”

Events are also crucial for gaining visibility in the IT Security sector in France. Two conferences stand out above all else: Le FIC and Les Assises. Bruno adds, “if you want to make noise and create a buzz around your latest product offering, these two shows are the best places to do so. They are the perfect hubs for visibility, announcements, networking and collaboration as well as for meeting with leading editors and reporters that cover cybersecurity, technology and business news.”

“The partnership I have with Eskenzi PR is one that is extremely supportive and built on a level of understanding and trust that we both know our respective markets. This in turn helped us both achieve great results for our clients. This is greatly appreciated because this is not always the case when I work with other agencies.”

Eskenzi PR prides itself on only partnering with la crème de la crème of PR professionals and Bruno Sanvoisin is among a select few we work with for dedicated PR projects in France. This team has continually delivered and helped Eskenzi clients achieve excellent coverage in leading French publications such as Le Monde, AFP, Global Security Mag, LeMagIT, Les Echos and La Tribune.

For more information about how Eskenzi PR can help build your brand’s visibility in the French market, please get in touch.