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Social Media Case Study

By June 1, 2020January 4th, 2023No Comments
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Eskenzi Findings

The dedicated social media team at Eskenzi spare no expense when it comes to training, having taken seminars in search engine optimisation (SEO), and social media marketing courses in partnership with the HubSpot Academy. It is for this reason that comforte AG sought our services through the Eskenzi PR King Maker social media program, to increase their online digital presence. This included the recording and editing of videos and podcasts every month to give their unique perspective on the industry with a creative flare specifically tailored for individual social media platforms.

A specific target laid out by comforte AG was to build their social media audience with a primary focus on LinkedIn. Eskenzi’s objective was to increase their followers by 25% in a twelve-month period. Having started the program in October 2019, Eskenzi hit their target growth metrics in only 5 months. In the following two months, comforte AG’s followers increased an additional 10%, marking a 35% growth in only seven months with an average of more than 40 new followers per month. At Eskenzi we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients, and a major contributing factor to this social media success is due to the fact that we consistently went above our contracted one social media post per day in order to establish our client as clear thought-leaders on social media.

Eskenzi also boasts a series of social media tools such as HubSpot, TrendKite and Sprout that afford analytical insight into the inner-workings of social media interaction. This means that we can provide and proliferate the most poignant posts so that they will receive the most traction and interaction. The affordance of these tools has contributed to social media growth has helped comforte AG to host several successful virtual events such as webinars and user group conferences. This was achieved through the consistent posting of unique content. For a webinar with Forrester, Eskenzi created original promotional material for the event that saw user engagement more than treble from a click-through rate for the registration page rising from 2.6% to more than 7.3% on consecutive days.

Perhaps our most valuable asset are not the multitudes of specialised tools and services that we offer, but the people who make up our social media team. The foundation of success in any venture is communication. This is perhaps all the more important when you consider the constantly changing social media landscape. We are pleased to work closely, building meaningful relationships with our clients to deliver the best possible service. After a discussion with the team at comforte AG, we agreed to begin scheduling LinkedIn posts on the weekend as the world-wide lockdown meant that more people were working from home and browsing this business-oriented platform as the work/life balance becomes blurred. Our first post weekend post saw an astronomical rise in user impressions as it surpassed the average rate by more than 1,700%! This can be attributed to the Eskenzi team isolating a social media niche that had been overlooked by many other marketing teams. In fact, this specific post was trending on the topic of GDPR because so few organisations post on the weekend as it is perceived to be a useless endeavour. However, the times are changing and so are we. Eskenzi is proud to be on the forefront of public relations and marketing as we constantly adapt and evolve to provide the service that suits YOU.