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Here’s to 28 Wonderful Years of Eskenzi PR!

By September 1, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

Happy 28th Birthday Eskenzi PR!! Hip hip hurrah to all those wonderful clients who have trusted us to build up their brands, those who have joined us on this exciting journey together, and, of course, to the dozens of graduates and other brilliant people who have worked for Eskenzi all these years.  It has been one big joyous journey with lots to celebrate!   

One of my colleagues just said to me what does it feel like to have been in business for so long? It’s a weird feeling as it’s just flown by and, honestly, I don’t feel that much differently to the day I started.  I still want to please our clients every day and go above and beyond – I want to impress them, make them look good in front of their colleagues and bosses, I want them to know they’re in safe hands, and that we’ll do what we say we’ll do. I want them to know they can leave us alone and we’ll dream up ideas that they wouldn’t have thought of and at the end of the year we can all celebrate together as we’ve worked as a tight knit team and achieved success together.  I want them to think of us a seamless team and a joy to work with, so that if they get sold, we’re still mates and can work together again. We’ve been fortunate enough to build many long-lasting connections like this.   

How do I feel about being in business still?!  It’s never easy, you’re always thinking have we got too much work? have we got enough work? do I have enough staff? do we have too many? are my staff happy? There are ups and downs, life never goes in straight lines, and when you think it’s just about to get easier you get another curve ball and the idea of dancing into the sunset doesn’t quite happen!  

However, I still wake up on a Monday morning, do my swim, and can’t wait to get into work.  I still get excited about the chance of getting my clients into the papers or onto TV; I’m still excited to hear what the team have achieved every single week on our Friday morning catch-up calls; and I still burst with pride when I see a graduate flourish and build in confidence and literally metamorphosize during the time with us.  And I still cry when they leave us, but I know it’s the nature progression and the way the world works.  

Lucky for us – over these years, we still have the most awesome staff that have stayed with us through thick and thin and keep the agency ticking beautifully in a collaborative, seamless rhythm, where everyone plays to one another’s strengths – and it just works.  That’s down to Neil Stinchcombe – who is the back engine of the agency, Katie Finn who never seizes to amaze me with the results she gets and the respect she yields, Beth Smith who keeps the office going and keeps her clients endlessly happy, and Conor Heslin and Rohit Chavda who arrived the same week a long time ago and thankfully are still finding ways to get their clients into the nationals week after week.  Melanie Johnson-Holliday, I’m delighted to say, is doing a brilliant job from her Leeds office and Charley Nash and Tara Antoni – you know I love you both and think you’re our future leaders!   

Where would we be without our amazing US team who I couldn’t be prouder of and have also been working tirelessly achieving such incredible results for the last 12 years? That’s the brilliant Paula Brici, Tila Pacheo, Suzanne Tuchler and Cathy Morley Foster. We recently welcomed graduate Katrielle Soussana to our US team – and she’s already flourishing. Katrielle interned with Eskenzi last summer, so we’re thrilled to welcome her as a full-time member of staff.   

Nicole Sigrist, I wish you so much luck in your new role and know you’ll go onto do phenomenal work wherever you go, and Saskia Hammond thank you too for your contribution to Eskenzi PR – enjoy every day!  

We’re also so excited to be welcoming Katie Finn who will, no doubt, be a pivotal part of Eskenzi PR’s next chapter. 

And, reflecting on my 28 years – it’s actually about just that; making sure you enjoy each and every day!  That’s the magic ingredient. Here’s to many more years of success!   

Some birthday wishes from our lovely clients:   

Melissa Goldberger, CMO at SafeBreach says:  

“Eskenzi is more than a PR/communications firm; They are true partners for our business. It’s rare to find a firm that excels in both strategy and execution. They always provide creative approaches to how we tell our story and even better they get results. Whether it’s rapid response, thought leadership or awards – we always seem to succeed when they are by our side. I’ve worked with many firms, and they are truly one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”  

Javvad Malik, Security Awareness Advocate at KnowBe4 says:  

“Warmest congratulations to the phenomenal team at Eskenzi PR on their 28th anniversary! As the reigning champions of cybersecurity PR, they’ve truly mastered the art of captivating the industry with their magic touch.  

Yvonne, Neil, and the entire Eskenzi crew deserve all the applauds for their unwavering support and guidance over the years. From our very first encounter, it was clear that this partnership was destined for greatness. Working with Eskenzi PR has been more than just a professional journey; it’s been a delightful rollercoaster ride filled with laughter, innovation, and incredible results.  

Their unrivalled expertise in cybersecurity PR is no secret – they’ve turned it into an art form! With their sharp minds and witty charm, they’ve effortlessly elevated my brand’s presence, making it impossible for me to even consider seeking PR support elsewhere. Eskenzi PR truly sets the bar sky high, making other agencies green with envy.  

So, here’s to the brightest stars in the PR galaxy, the Eskenzi PR dream team! Thank you for not only being the superheroes of cybersecurity PR but also for infusing every project with a touch of light-hearted fun. Your passion, creativity, and passion for delivering outstanding results have made our journey together an absolute joy.  

Happy anniversary, Eskenzi PR! Here’s to many more years of laughter, success, and making the competition green with envy. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else – you’re simply the best!”  

Anne Cutler, Director of Global Communications, Keeper Security adds:  

“28 years!? You don’t look a day over 18! Congratulations to the Eskenzi team for an incredible accomplishment.  It’s not easy to navigate the dynamic media landscape and your team is able to do so with the utmost agility. Here at Keeper, we’re thrilled to be working with such a passionate and creative group of professionals that is never afraid to think outside the box with new, exciting and innovative ideas. Cheers to continued success in the years to come.”    

Dan Raywood, cybersecurity journalist formerly of SC Magazine, Infosecurity Magazine and IT Security Guru says:   

“I started working with Eskenzi PR when I first got into cybersecurity reporting 15 years ago, and have consistently worked with them over the years and in my various roles. They are always able to provide excellent content ideas and provide perspectives, as well as be a good resource for connections to the right people. Congratulations on 28 years, and it was great to be a part of it along the way!”  

Korina Kennedy, Vice President Communications & Brand at Centripetal says: 

“Happiest birthday to my favourite PR firm around! I owe a big chunk of my success in cybersecurity to the Eskenzi team. I couldn’t be more impressed with the work you all put in – from everything from rapid response opportunities to fun and creative campaign ideas. Thank you for all that you do and keep doing what you do! You all make being in the cybersecurity industry fun and absolutely rewarding. A big shoutout to the GOAT Yvonne, Conor, Charley, Paula and Suzanne. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and let’s celebrate!!!”